Checklist for Home-School Excursions

Recently, I read two articles (Johnson, 2009) (Lorenza 2009) regarding learning beyond the classroom space. Both readings listed excellent points to consider when organizing a school incursion or excursion. Factors like public liability insurance, compliance with workplace health and safety, risk assessment and tax invoices were all important and valid factors listed to consider when an institution hosts an incursion or the students are taken beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

While many of these “checklist items” do not apply to the home-school context, other factors such as determining the educational aims and outcomes, ascertaining the value of the experience, as well as designing pre- and post- learning activities are universally applicable.

Excursions are more than getting out beyond the four walls for “fun” or for a mini vacation from “academic learning”. An intentional and skilled teacher will carefully select and plan these experiences and enrich them with pre- and post- learning experiences.

So while “educational goals” and “post- and pre- learning activities” are listed in the checklist below as a single line, each must be given much thought and consideration so that learning is maximized.

Click on the link below to access a printable PDF home-school excursion checklist. (Albeit a notably shorter and more concise version compared to those needed by teachers working in institutionalized classrooms!)





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