Calais migrants: Life in the Jungle

What is life like for refugees living in temporary camps like this one situated in Calais, France?

This video documents the day-to-day life and existence of these refugees – their hopes, their dreams and the obstacles they face.

It also contains footage of Khalid, an eight-year old Syrian refugee whose story will simultaneously inspire you and break your heart. His narrative emerges at the beginning, middle, and end of the video.

Khalid is also a temporary resident of the “Calais Jungle” refugee camp – certainly NOT a place where any child would choose to be or a situation any mother would wish upon her child. And yet it is Khalid’s reality; it is Khalid’s liminal space.

In his words:

The young Syrian boy’s leg was deformed and mangled after soldiers in his home country of Syria tricked him, kidnapped him, then proceeded to run over him with a car.

Yet his indomitable spirit drives him and his mother to seek a better life in the U.K.

In his mother’s words:

As I watched this video, I was continually drawn back to the challenge (as an educator) of designing a learning space for primary/elementary aged students like Khalid, who are caught in this crisis – a learning space that assures their continued education in such a fluid, transient, turbulent situation.

As a mother and a teacher, what would be my heart’s cry and ambitions if Khalid was my son?

Take time to watch this video and begin pondering with me…  What can be done?


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