The Power of the Twitter Narrative

Recently, one of my EDFD459 peers, Leesa Holbert (@trebloh, T I N K E R I N G Teachers) tweeted about an extraordinary little seven-year girl from Aleppo. Bana and her mother Fatemah are using Twitter as a vehicle for a powerful real-time narrative which documents their current dire liminal space.

The pair created their account in September 2016, and at the date of writing this (October 20), they already have 76,000 followers.

Beautiful support from other children all around the world has poured in…


But perhaps the most important factor is the powerful way they are commanding awareness for the terrible situation in Aleppo.

This is one brave little girl making a difference through the narrative via Twitter.

Watch the two-minute video below, then scroll down to see  her Twitter feed.

**WARNING: Bana’s Twitter feed (embedded below) is a live feed. Recent images (as of October 25) are extremely disturbing and graphic.


2 thoughts on “The Power of the Twitter Narrative

  1. It’s sometimes easy to feel removed from situations happening so far away but the real time nature of Twitter corrects that. It’s impossible to ignore this little girl, Bana’s live-feed from Aleppo and inside her home is truly powerful. Thanks Judy, Leesa

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