Using Art to Heal and Grow

Various initiatives were set up in the Calais Jungle in order to facilitate education and the narrative voice via written, oral and creative expression.

As mentioned in this post, the Life Stories initiative for university students extensively utilized art as a vehicle for the narrative.

Similarly, the Jungle Books Cafe (set up by British teacher, Mary Jones) not only provided residents of all ages with books and literature, but also activities for art and creative utterance.

Baloo’s Youth Centre was a project aimed at “giving an open space where young people were able to connect with others of the same age” (Egan, 2016). It provided sporting activities as well as arts and crafts to facilitate an avenue for fun and creative expression.


A recent article tweeted by my peer, Bec Nalletamby (@RNalletamby), documents the use of art and clay modeling as therapy for aiding the healing of children who have witnessed the atrocities of war.

Edutopia further promotes that art education benefits students by developing self-confidence, improving cognition, aiding communication, deepening cultural and self-understanding, and helping to promote a growth mindset – the development of resilience and “grit” (2016).

Due to advancements in technology, smartphones can also be used to create incredible artwork as exemplified beautifully in the image below:


As an educator trying to reach and provide a vehicle for expression for refugee children in order to process their liminal space, mobile phone art is an exciting development that is laced with possibility! Not only can mobile phones be used to capture images of art (such as the photos shown below), it can also be the tool with which the art itself is created by using apps such as Procreate (as used in the example above).


Tweeted by @nowhumanity


Tweeted by sepia serpent

Enjoy the slideshow below which was made up from artwork images retrieved from

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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