Schooled For Life is a site that encourages conversation and collaboration on being and creating life-long learners.

Great learning does not just end at the completion of Grade 12, neither does it end within the bounds of a school building. Indeed, much of the richness of learning occurs outside the parameters of the school institution, and instilling the ability and desire of our students to be life-long learners is critical.

Since one of the greatest scaffolding tools is modeling, we as educators need to practice what we preach! Our students absorb our values and who we are more deeply than what we say; today’s fast paced world demands that we keep up-to-date with advancements and developments in pedagogies and technology in order to be culturally relevant educators. We, in essence, cannot afford not to be life-long learners ourselves.

“It is no longer realistic to define the purpose of education as transmitting what is known. The main purpose of education must now be to develop the skills of inquiry” (Smith, 1996).

What makes this site unique is that due to the author’s background, it draws from experiences and observations from not only traditional educational models, but also from the home-schooling model. It is the collision and nexus between these two educational paradigms that makes this site distinct.

However, a single person’s opinion and worldview is narrow and limiting. What allows this site to come alive is the conversations and the interactions, the sharing and the collaborating, and the bouncing around of ideas and philosophies. It is a place to recalibrate, discuss, and explore.

Consider this your personalized invitation to participate; we have so much to learn from each other!

Forever learning,


Version 2

NOTE: Expanded references for all blog posts are housed on this REFERENCES page.



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