My story…

Aloha from Hawaii and welcome to this site!

Version 2

My name is Judy and my journey as an educator has been an interesting one!

I initially worked for 7 years as a traditional classroom primary teacher in both New South Wales and Queensland (teaching Grades 2-5) and then spent one year as a primary music specialist for Preschool- Grade 7. This was followed by a brief hiatus as I stayed at home to raise my three young sons.

In 2005, our family moved to Hawaii and I began homeschooling our boys (covering Grades 2-12). This was an incredible opportunity as an educator to witness first-hand three VERY different personalities and the way they learnt and explored the world; I like thinking of it as my very own informal longitudinal study! It challenged not only my skills and perceptions as a teacher, but also my view of traditional educational models.

IMG_0021 - Version 2

After 10 years of home-schooling, my sons have now all graduated from high school, and I am returning back to study to finish my Bachelor of Education 4th Year Upgrade online with ACU.

If you would ask me what is the greatest lesson I have learnt, it would be that as educators one of our predominant goals should be producing life-long learners, and that we cannot expect this of our students unless this is exemplified in our own ethos and behaviour.

 Still learning,



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